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Let's Go Play, Inc. provides social skills classes for kids, teens and adults with social issues at a reduced cost.   We are located in Delaware County, PA not far from Rt. 476, making access easy from Philadelphia, Montgomery and Chester Counties.

We fulfill our not-for-profit mission through four different class offerings:

Heroes (c) program.  Like video games, our players become super characters with special skills.  Players work together in a group to defeat monsters.  It's exciting and leads to awareness of others skills and abilities.
Pokémon(c) our way.  Our version involves organization and teamwork for younger children.  We help them understand rules, strategies and how to handle winning and losing. 

Lego (c) building in cooperative groups.  This approach developed by Dan LeGoff, Ph.D. develops better communication skills and well as fine motor development.  We use kits or freebuilding. 

Older teen social group.  We are currently accepting registration for socialization classes for older teens and young adults using our Heroes (c) game and discussion of Michelle Garcia Winner's book "Socially Curious and Curiously Social".
All of our classes are generally age based and are directed by a male therapist, perfect for relating to boys and young men.

Social skills classes that are fun, challenging and therapeutic!  See the comments below!

Not sure if our Heroes (c) Classes are the type of thing for you?  Check out our Images and Media section to view our You Tube Video Clip, providing a brief demonstration for how the game is played and how a typical session goes! 

Check us out on Meetup to sign up for classes and see what's new! 

Comments from Families

Our son has made many Lego(c) connections in his regular life.  It has encouraged him and expanded his confidence in exploring animation, digital design and creative building, not just in Legos (c).  D.S.  mom

It has been a huge benefit for our son.  The small group setting really allows him to interact socially without really knowing it.  To him, there's a challenge presented and he's working towards that.  The one to one therapy setting allows therapists to intervene immediately when an issue or "teaching moment" arises.
R.P.  mom

The cost is very reasonable and comparable to other therapy groups in our local community.  M.Q.  dad

I have always felt confident in recommending Let's Go Play as a great alternative social skills group.  Many parents out there have tried just about everything - quite often Let's Go Play is just what they were looking for.
 D.S.   mom    .

I think the "real life" situations that building Legos(c) brings is so valuable.  Sharing, negotiating, "disputing" are all things that occur outside of Let's Go Play.  I think my son has learned some tools for the real world.  C.Y.  mom

Let's Go Play has helped with his pragmatic speech development and with reciprocal play.     A.B.  dad

M. has made progress with initiating with his peers.  He understands that in a group, a person has a role to fulfill for the group to be successful. He is making progress internalizing this concept.   N. S. grandparent

He enjoys the social interaction with the peers and teachers.  His absolute favorite part is playing the game created by Dr. Drew.  He really enjoys trying to defeat monsters in the game and discovering the new worlds, characters and abilities that Dr. Drew has created.  Fascinating.   J.J.  mom

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