About Us

Let's Go Play, Inc. provides social skills classes for kids, teens and adults with social issues at a reduced cost. We are located in Delaware County, PA not far from Rt. 476, making access easy from Philadelphia, Montgomery and Chester Counties.


We offer innovative game-based programs where players are therapeutically guided to success through peer collaboration and decision making.


We create an environment where people with social challenges feel safe to try new things, have a sense of belonging, and can fully contribute to a group.


Because we believe that every person has an inner hero; Our passion is helping them find it.

Meet the team

Ginger S. Rowan, M.S., L.M.F.T., L.B.H
Owner and Founder of Let’s Go Play, Inc

  • Master’s in Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Licensed Behavioral Specialist
  • 20+ Years Experience

I’ve been a practicing therapist for over 20 years, licensed in marriage and family therapy and as a behavior specialist (that’s what all the initials after my name stand for).

My career started teaching parenting classes in Camden, N.J. It was a great learning experience and the parents taught me a lot. I then worked in wraparound for the next ten years as a Mobile Therapist, Behavior Specialist and as part of the intake team, especially for the autism spectrum disorder division. I did hundreds of Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs). But when it came time to recommend social skills groups, there really weren’t many available options. The few that existed were expensive and inflexible. A parent asked me to start a program, and I accepted the challenge.

After some research, I spent time with Dan LeGoff, Ph.D. who created the LEGO® team building program. In 2008, I set up Let’s Go Play as a not-for-profit and we began to build. Five years later, I was working as an adjunct professor in the Autism Certificate Program at a local university and Let’s Go Play was invited to attend their autism resource night. I asked my sons, Drew Rowan, M.D. and Dan Rowan, M.S., who were coming with me, to expand Dr. LeGoff’s original idea. Being avid gamers, they created a program based on a video game concept and LEGO. I loved the idea and Heroes© was born. We continue to offer LEGO team building, Heroes and Pokemon classes at Let’s Go Play.

My husband and I live in Delaware County. When I’m not at work, I like to cook, travel, knit and read. Unfortunately, my 94 pound dog likes the balls of yarn too!

Daniel Rowan M.S., BSL

  • Master’s in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed Behavioral Specialist
  • 6 Years of experience in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)
  • Co-Creator of Heroes©

I have always had a passion for helping others. I worked at Let’s Go Play before going to college, and then spent two years working as a Therapeutic Support Staff prior to pursuing my Master’s degree. After graduating with my M.S., I worked for a year as a Mobile Therapist.

Having obtained ABA training during graduate school, I decided to pursue my Behavior Specialist License, which allowed me to move on to the position of Behavioral Specialist. I have worked in that role at a local agency for the past four years.

Aside from my desire to help those in need, I have always been a gamer and am a self-proclaimed nerd, knowledgeable in most of the various fanbases of nerdom, but especially in video games, comics, competitive card games and tabletop role playing games. The idea of creating a tabletop brick-based board game for kids, together with my brother, was a natural fit for our similar interests and influences. The basic concept for the game came together in minutes, and Heroes© has only continued to grow and expand from that day. We continue to add therapeutic concepts to the framework of the game and create learning opportunities through the plot and story told in each session.

I strongly believe in the power of imagination and creativity and incorporate both these aspects into the game as well as to every session that I run. And by combining my two main passions, I have truly found my dream job—one that I believe has limitless potential in its capacity for helping others and in being fun. What we have created is the fusion of therapy and learning by simply playing a game and I could not be happier.

My hobbies include exercising, martial arts, and playing video games, card games and tabletop games. I also enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, both digitally and traditionally.

Board of Directors

Marla Rosoff Eskin
Marla Rosoff Eskin received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a law degree from Temple University. She joined Campbell & Levine, LLC in 2002 and is a Member and Managing Partner in the Wilmington, Delaware office. Marla's practice focuses on Liquidating Trusts, Bankruptcy Litigation and Commercial Bankruptcy. Marla is a member of numerous professional law associations. Marla is personally familiar with Let’s Go Play as her son spent many years learning, maturing and having fun in those classes.

Maryanne Chestnut
Maryanne Chestnut is a resident of Garnet Valley, PA where she lives with her husband Greg and 2 sons. Both boys are current participants in Let’s Go Play sessions and have greatly benefited from it over the past 6 years. Maryanne is a graduate of Villanova University with BA (Modern Languages) and MS (Computer Science) degrees. She worked in the software quality assurance field for 17 years prior to staying home with her sons. She is a huge LEGO fan, thanks to her sons and enjoys volunteering in community and school activities.

Brigid Shank
Brigid Graduate from Villanova University with a degree in accounting in 1980. She has worked in public and private accounting throughout her career. She currently work part-time for Melmark, Inc, Berwyn, PA. Birgid has also served as St Anastasia Home and School treasurer and school Endowment treasurer in the past, as well as the Villanova University Varsity Club board as treasurer.

She is currently serving as Treasurer of Let’s Go Play and as a member of St Anastasia Pastoral Council. Married to Steve for 32 years, Brigid is the mother of three adult children.

Eric Zerbe
Eric is an advertising copywriter and creative director whose clients have included U.S. Bank, American Red Cross, Pfizer, Mutual of Omaha, AmeriGas, Banfield Pet Hospital, and DuPont. He learned of Let’s Go Play while working on philanthropy efforts with Ginger Rowan for ASCEND: The Asperger & Autism Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. Eric earned a BA in English and a Marketing minor from Lycoming College. He and his wife Kristin live in Wilmington, DE with their two sons, including their younger son who has been attending Let’s Go Play for years.

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