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Become the Superhero you've always dreamed of being with special skills and powers!  Work with team members to defeat monsters and the final big, bad boss monster.  Heroes classes are appropriate for all ages, including late teens and twenties.  Heroes classes are on Tuesdays at 5 and 6 PM for kids; Saturdays at 8:45 and 10:30 for older kids and teens.  Classes are organized by age and last an hour.  The cost is $30 per hour class.
Build with your team either from kits or free building.  Classes are on Saturdays at 10 and cost $15 for the half hour. Class size is limited to six.

Does your child like Pokémon Cards?  Does it seem at times that there are too many to count?  Do you want to see them used for Social Interaction instead of as collectors items?  Come join us at Let's Go Play for Pokémon Card Training Classes, where we will teach your child how to play the official game as well as; the rules of the game, the strategies involved and show them effective ways to build decks with all of the cards they have collected!  Through battling, a Pokémon trainer rises to become a Pokémon Master, learning skills like patience, kindness, good sportsmanship and developing a good attitude towards playing with others win or lose!  Class sizes are limited to 6, cost $30/hr and are on Saturdays from 1:15 PM to 2:15   

Is your child interested in Pokémon? Yet are you looking for something more then the official trading card game? Come join Let's Go Play on an exciting adventure into the world of Pokémon, where your child can step into the shoes of Legendary Pokémon Trainers straight from the games!  As a Pokedex Holder your child will need to work together with their Pokémon and with others to overcome a multitude of Evil Organizations and their nefarious plots!  Combining the Trading Card Game and our Heroes Class we offer an exciting fusion of action and adventure for fans of Pokémon everywhere!  

We currently receive referrals from school districts, psychiatrists and mental health professionals.  We are happy to accept high functioning children on the autism spectrum, children with mental health diagnosis with social and behavioral issues as well as children with physical diagnosis who have social delays.

BIG NEWS:  We are delighted to announce the Alec Eskin Scholarship Fund.  Alec believes in our program so much he donated his bar-mitzvah money to help others progress socially while enjoying themselves by live gaming!  We have already been able to help one student and we thank him for his generous contribution.  Way to go Alec!

SNAPS Heroes is a copyrighted program developed by Drew Rowan, M.D., Dan Rowan, M.S. and Rowan Tree Enterprises.  Use of the game by other organizations is prohibited without the permission of its developers and their company.

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